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Disneys Animal Kingdom: The First Adventure - 7 stars out of 10

Disneys Animal Kingdom: The First Adventure - 7 stars out of 10
April 26, 1998

“Disneys Animal Kingdom: The First Adventure” gives a full tour of the park as it was when it first opened in 1998.  This hour-long tv special was hosted by Drew Carey and followed several celebrities of the time, including Tia/Tamara/Taj Mowry and a few cast members from Boy Meets World.  The special really captures the essence of what Animal Kingdom is and, without exaggeration, shows the wildlife experience that you can expect!  While I understand that many of the attractions appeared in the years after the park opened, it was definitely a mistake to take us on the safari ride TWICE.  Though they play it off that the ride with Jane Seymour is educational and the one with Drew is comical, it still reads as filler.  It would have made me question whether there is enough to do in the Animal Kingdom to make it worth a visit, which tends to be a similar dilemma for visitors today!  The shots of the animals throughout the special are spectacular but “opening day Animal Kingdom” did not offer enough to be worth the price of admission.  Still, it is awesome to have the archive footage of the first days and it is interesting that much has been added but the park itself is relatively the same.  In my five years to the park over the past sixteen years, I have never watched the Flights of Wonder show but this sample makes me regret that.  Guess I’ll have to go back soon so that I can see it…  Like the other park broadcasts, I really wish that this was a live newscast of opening day instead of a scripted tv special; however, it is great to have a sneak preview of these rides and to have an opportunity to explore the Animal Kingdom from home.

[Pictured: Giraffe on the Kilimanjaro Safari]

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