Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Vow (2012) - 5 stars out of 10

The Vow (2012) - 5 stars out of 10

“The Vow” is exactly what you would expect from a chick flick released on Valentine’s Day.  It is cute, an appropriate amount of cheesiness, and full of romantic moments that will make your wife say “Why can’t you say nice things like that to me?”  While it isn't my favorite chick flick, it certainly gets bonus points for being based on a true story, as unbelievable as it may seem.  Rachel McAdams is the perfect choice to play Paige, both for her track record of starring in chick flicks and the quality of acting that she brings to the screen.  Channing Tatum does about the best job that he can, but he was probably picked more for his looks (which ironically caused girls to guilt their boyfriends into seeing this on Valentine’s Day) than for his dramatic acting.  Even though both of these actors are in their thirties, they almost seemed to useful to be taken seriously as a married couple.  Their chemistry is nice but I think that the make-up and costume artists portrayed them a bit too young.  The story itself is interesting but often fills us with disdain for the characters instead of making us love them.  “The Vow” is a great date-night film but falls short of the “Oscar-Worthy Love Story” category.

[Pictured: McAdams and Tatum have great on-screen chemistry]

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