Sunday, November 30, 2014

Five Easy Pieces (1970) - 3 stars out of 10

Five Easy Pieces (1970) - 3 stars out of 10

“Five Easy Pieces” was a total disappointment.  Perhaps I had a false expectation after reading the synopsis, but that is no excuse to create a movie in which nothing really happens.  I had so much hope that the story would use classical music as a means of understanding the characters’ quirks or as redemption for one of them, but their musical fame had nothing to do with who they were or how the story play out.  They could have been professional bowlers or card players for all we care, and the story would’ve worked out the same way.  The biggest draw for this film is its interesting characters; unfortunately, they are unutilized.  The story is composed of uneventful travel, random sex, and sporadic yelling instead of interesting character transformations.  The performances of Jack Nicholson and Karen Black are impressive and their Oscar nominations are understandable, but I have a hard time rationalizing the nomination for Best Picture.  Perhaps I just need to go watch “Music of the Heart” to get my fix of sentimental music journeys, but “Five Easy Pieces” left me wanting more.

[Pictured: One of the only interesting things to happen during this movie]

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