Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Making of the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park (1989) - 6 stars

The Making of the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park (1989) - 6 stars

This special is bittersweet.  It is really cool to see the original vision of this park, but sad to see that the idea of an open, working production studio never panned out for Disney; still, it is amazing that the Disney company was able to see this struggling concept within the first few years and move the park in a new direction.  The park still celebrates Hollywood (especially with the recent removal of the Mickey hat to return the Chinese Theater as the focal point), but now it focuses more on putting the audience into their favorite movies instead of showing the movies being made.  Anybody who has visited or researched this Disney park is familiar with the rides and attractions, thus changing the reason that films like this are so valuable.  Originally, it served as an advertisement and a way to familiarize yourself with this park.  Now, it is a preservation of the park’s original concept and an archive of the old rides and entertainment from the early years.  “The Making of the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park” certainly won’t  lure modern guests to the park, but it creates a nostalgic walk down the original Disney Hollywood Boulevard and allows us to see many of our beloved attractions as they were created.

[Pictured: I loved the Sorcerer's Hat, but it'll be great to have this original view back!]

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