Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ida - 6 stars out of 10

Ida - 6 stars out of 10

“Ida” is an atmospheric Polish film that paints a picture of the Nazi occupation of Poland through the eyes of an 18-year-old.  It could almost be considered a rite-of-passage story as this novitiate nun discovers the truth about her past and experiences a transformation of her perception of the world.  While the acting of Agata Trzebuchowska and Agata Kulesza is notable, the cinematography is what makes this film so special.  “Ida” truly feels as if it was filmed in the 1960’s, but not just because it is filmed in black and white.  The cinematographers chose to film this story using static shots taken from a distance.  These shots allow each moment to unfold naturally within the scenery instead of forcing a particular perspective on the audience.  The end result makes you feel as if you are looking through a series of living photographs.  The visual interest was enough to hold my attention but the plot moves slowly with little happiness or hope.  I wouldn’t call this one of these best film’s that I’ve seen but the visual interest of “Ida” makes it a strong nominee for the Best Foreign Language Film this year.

[Pictured: These distanced static shots give the film a completely unique feel]

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