Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Cheating Pact - 4 stars out of 10

The Cheating Pact - 4 stars out of 10

“The Cheating Pact” is surprisingly interesting for a Lifetime Original Movie.  The acting was better than expected and I actually found myself caring a lot about the characters and conflict.  The film isn’t that great but I believe that we latch on to the story because we’ve all taken the SATs… I mean, the CETs (painfully obvious name alteration to avoid a lawsuit) and felt the pressure to do well with our futures in mind.  I don’t know how loosely it is based on true events, but that’s what drew me in.  If this was purely fiction, I proaly wouldn’t have gotten more than 5 minutes into it.  I really enjoyed Laura Wiggins in the role of Meredith and would be interested in seeing more films with her.  Laura Ashley Samuels (Kylie) was also very good but Max Carver was basically just a Matt Damon lookalike whose did very little for the film.  I can rarely tolerate a Lifetime Original Movie, but I will admit that I might consider watching “The Cheating Pact” again someday.

[Pictured: Seems like this cast would be overdramatic, but they were actually quite good]

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