Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hoodwinked (2005) - 4 stars out of 10

Hoodwinked (2005) - 4 stars out of 10

“Hoodwinked” is a family-focused computer animated film that came out as “Shrek” made the fairy tale genre in vogue.  Do not be misled by this low rating - the film far exceeded my expectations.  Like the critics, I enjoyed the storytelling concept that was out of the box for a family film but had trouble getting over the animation.  This film was produced on a low budget and it really shows through the outsourced Philippines animation that resembles plastic stop-motion animation more than realistic CGI.  Even as short clips played during the DVD selection menu, a tone of “cheesy kids movie” was set.  Compared to edgier family movies like “Shrek,” this one is squeaky clean but creates interest through its non-linear storytelling technique.  The story is told by each of the four main characters (Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, the Woodsman, and Granny) with new details shifting our perspective with each telling.  It is a rather fun way to tell the story, especially once you discover which character is the villain, and there are good comedic moments.  Everything ends up being explained, from the Granny mask to the seemingly random appearance of the Woodsman.  There are also some overly cheesy departures, particularly the extreme sports aspect that will excite kids but make adults roll their eyes.  I appreciated the cast of voice actors, particularly Anne Hathaway as Red and Patrick Warburton as the Wolf - Warburton is hilarious regardless of the character or circumstance.  Other big names dot the cast but it actually hurts the film, creating a disconnect between the expectation of a major studio film and the disappointing appearance.  “Hoodwinked” was not written for adults but will keep them entertained through its unique storytelling.

[Pictured; Terrible computer animation, fresh storytelling]

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