Sunday, January 17, 2016

45 Years - 5 stars out of 10

45 Years - 5 stars out of 10

"45 Years" is a slow-moving drama that paints a picture of marriage after 45 years.  The film is notable for Charlotte Rampling's Oscar-nominated performance that comes off as realistic and subtle.  It is a perfect manifestation of the film's themes of forgiveness and letting go of conflict, though I was hoping for an iconic freak-out.  Tom Courtenay offers an equally subtle yet effective performance. I could have done without the senior citizen sex scene, but I suppose that it was important to the plot.  But... I really could have done without the senior citizen sex scene.  The story is a bit dull, though this is definitely meant to be a slice of realism instead of a melodrama.  The film is highly rated by the critics but it just moved too slow for my taste.  Even with a short 90-minute runtime, it seemed to drag on forever.  I can generally appreciate slow-moving stories as long as something big happens but the effect was lost on me.  I wouldn’t recommend this on unless the style is your thing.  "45 Years" is a character-focused story that delivers one good twist but spends the remainder of the movie trying to figure out if anything should actually happen.

[Pictured: This is a typical scene from the uneventful "45 Years"]

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