Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Accused at 17 - 3 stars out of 10

Accused at 17 - 3 stars out of 10

"Accused at 17" is everything that you expect from a Lifetime Original Movie.  Melodramatic story, mediocre acting, and an addictive quality that won't let you turn it off once you've gotten a half hour into the story.  The story begins with a teen whose boyfriend cheats on her.  It progresses to the teen's friends accidentally murdering the girl while trying to teach her a lesson.  The rest of the film focuses on a series of lies told in order to keep their secret.  There are a lot of bothersome production moments, like the fact that we never see the murdered girl's parents (even when they are at her house) and the cheating boyfriend awkwardly trying to apologize.  Also, the overly boisterous cops and the completely absurd ending.  But sometimes you just have to shrug and say "It's a Lifetime Original Move."  The kids acted better than the adults (probably because we have a higher expectation for adults.  Barbara Niven, William Moses, and Lindsay Taylor seemed like they walked directly off of a soap opera set, but I actually really enjoyed Nicole Gale Anderson's performance.  Not in an Oscar way, but in a "you fit your typical teen character well" way. I turned on "Accused at 17" knowing exactly what I was getting into and, as long as you have that expectation, you'll enjoy this over dramatic story and be curious to see how it ends.

[Pictured: SO MUCH teenage girl conflict]

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