Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Back in Time (2015) - 7 stars out of 10

Back in Time (2015) - 7 stars out of 10

“Back in Time” is a nostalgic look at the creation of the “Back to the Future” series and its international fandom.  If you are not a fan of the films, this documentary will be meaningless to you.  If you are, you will be thrilled to see interviews with Robert Zemeckis, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Steven Spielberg.  One of the most interesting aspects of the film is the ability to see pictures and footage of Eric Stoltz in the role of Marty McFly before it was recast.  It also chronicles the inspiration behind the story, the complex journey to bring it to a production company, and the unprecedented cultural impact of the DeLorean.  The documentary unearths new trivia, such as Michael J. Fox’s encounter with Princess Diana at a premier of the film and why the Jennifer character had to be written out of Part II and III.  Since the film represents all aspects of fandom, it sometimes feels disjointed.  The science behind actual hoverboards and the DeLorean convention are loosely related to the franchise but feel like filler.  “Back in Time” is a great walk down memory lane and is worth seeing if for no other reason than that it was released on October 21, 2015 - the day that Marty goes back to the future!

[Pictured: This film has every aspect of fandom including these people, the owners of three authentic vehicles featured in the series]

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