Saturday, April 9, 2016

Storage 24 - 3 stars out of 10

Storage 24 - 3 stars out of 10

“Storage 24” is infamously the lowest grossing American theatrical release of all time, bringing in a whopping $72 before being released on DVD.  In the movie’s defense, it did gross over $600,000 worldwide; still, it’s pretty hilarious that its entire American profit was $72 earned in a singular theater.   Outside of its infamous statistic, “Storage 24” is a formulaic horror film that falls somewhere between a big-budget and low-budget film.  Its storage facility setting is unique and it is fairly easy to buy into the far-fetched plot.  Even though it has a few unique aspects, it also has the stereotypical undeveloped characters who are picked off one by one with only a few standing at the end.  In this particular instance, we don't care about what happens to the characters. We just care about the answer to the mystery… which we never actually get.  I did like the ending but it feels incomplete without a few explanations.  Outside of the story, the CGI definitely exceeded my expectations.  When I heard the previously mentioned box office statistic, I was absolutely anticipating a film of “Birdemic” proportions.  In actuality, the film was made on a decent budget.  It just seems that the budget was spent on special effects instead of being invested in assembling a team of quality actors and writers.  “Storage 24” is honestly an okay scary movie.  Its story won’t blow your mind and its actors leave something to be desired, but it successfully builds suspense in a unique setting with a cool-looking villain.  This one is acceptable for horror fans that are looking for something different.

[Pictured: The film is not without its comedic moments.  This totally happens.]

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