Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Loft (2015) - 1 star out of 10

The Loft (2015) - 1 star out of 10

"The Loft" is one of the worst movies that I have ever seen. Aside from the film's repulsive glorification of infidelity, it also contains horrible acting and a script that is just awful.  I don't know who had the idea to use soft-spoken, almost passive-aggressive dialogue the entire film but it is terribly annoying.  Karl Urban is particularly bad throughout his static, non-emotional performance.  Perhaps the larger mystery is how anybody convinced big names like Urban and James Marsden to join this film.  Everybody involved with this film should be ashamed of themselves.  They should all go home, look at their wives, and be thankful for the gift of marriage. The argument that this film discourages cheating because it shows a negative result is invalid because it obviously tries to glamorize and celebrate the lack of respect for the sanctity of marriage for the majority of the story.  Thankfully, the critics also hated this film. I can only hope that they saved a large percentage of the population from having to endure this horrible waste of time.  It does have a few decent twists and turns but certainly not worth putting up with the lack of morality at the core of this film.  The words “sleazy,” “repulsive,” and “vile” come to mind when thinking about screenwriter Bart De Pauw as he sat down to write the original Belgian screenplay and this adaptation.  Aside from the stream of unnecessary f-words, the dialogue is cheesy and causes everyone on screen to seem like they are overacting.  He even misused the word "innuendo" when he meant to use the word "insinuate.”  I had heard bad things about “The Loft” but this was absolutely abysmal.  Don’t waste your time.  Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t lie when it rates something as 14% Rotten.

[Pictured: Even though the mysterious murder is compelling, it is difficult to get past the glorification of infidelity that runs from start to finish.  Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.]

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