Monday, August 15, 2016

Just Friends (2005) - 5 stars out of 10

Just Friends (2005) - 5 stars out of 10

“Just Friends” is the romantic goofball comedy that you expect from the previews, synopsis, or even just the DVD cover that features a fat Ryan Reynolds.  It exhibits every stereotype imaginable, from a fat nerd becoming attractive and a popular high school jock becoming a loser to the morals of success making people arrogant and that love cannot be bought.  You can essentially predict every piece of this puzzle five minutes before it happens; still, sometimes we need a few laughs and a story that doesn’t surprise us.  I think that most people can relate to this film on some level because we have all been put into the “friend zone” at one time or another.  Also, Amy Smart has that girl-next-door look that will remind every guy of a female friend that he had in high school.  While the plot doesn’t require us to think on a very high level, watching this film begs the question: “Whatever happened to Amy Smart?”  She was very popular when this film came out but it wasn’t long before she faded away.  Personally, I gave up on her after I saw “Crank,” but every actor is entitled to a mistake.  It is interesting to consider that she was more popular than Ryan Reynolds when this film came out and yet, his longevity has far surpassed hers.  My main complaint about this film is the lack of chemistry between the characters.  Everybody gets to have their humorous moments, like the hockey scene for Reynolds, the Christmas decoration destruction for Anna Faris, and the poor teenage guitar performance for Chris Klein.  All of the situational and slapstick comedy is well done.  However, there is never a moment where I really want two characters to get together and I definitely did not shed any tears at the film’s obvious conclusion.  “Just Friends” is a great put-it-on-in-the-background comedy that resolves all of its situations the way that you want, but it is also the opposite of a tearjerker with plot twists that will keep you guessing.

[Pictured: Obese Ryan Reynolds looks so absurd that you almost have to watch it just to believe it]

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