Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Monkey Business (1952) - 4 stars out of 10

Monkey Business (1952) - 4 stars out of 10

“Monkey Business” (not the Marx Brothers version) is a silly film about a scientist who discovers a youth serum.  You need to approach this film realizing that there is 0% realism contained within and that it is just an excuse to put famous adult actors into juvenile situations.  If you are a fan of Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers, you will get a kick out of watching them act like 8-year-olds.  Unfortunately, what would make for a fun 10-minute sequence turns into an entire film and loses its charm after a while.  The cheesiness of the film is apparent even before the end of the opening credits, with Grant interrupting them only to be told “Not yet, Cary.”  Even with the star power of Grant and Rogers, Marilyn Monroe is the most memorable actress (probably because she doesn’t act like a child so we take her more seriously).  “Monkey Business” (not the Marx Brothers version) isn’t exactly a classic like “To Kill A Mockingbird” or “Some Like It Hot” but it is amusing and worth watching for a few good laughs.

[Pictured: The juvenile sequences are really funny.  There are just far too many of them]

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