Wednesday, October 8, 2014

True Women - 7 stars out of 10

True Women - 7 stars out of 10

“True Women” is really impressive for a miniseries.  The acting of Dana Delany alone makes the three hours worthwhile.  She breathes life into Sara McClure, the strong-willed redhead that keeps her family strong throughout the many trials and heartaches of this story.  The script, based on the novel of the same name by Janice Woods Windle, is a clever web that intertwines three women’s lives around five decades of southern US history.  The characters are very well written as each possesses different beliefs and backgrounds that create conflict at times and unite them at other times.  I cannot say enough about the intelligent design behind the childhood friendship, slave ownership, and Native American blood.  From the Texas Revolution to the Civil War and Reconstruction, every event is made more significant through these characters’ attributes.  Everything is introduced early on with its significance being revealed far into the story.  The acting is very effective, creating strong emotions of anger toward Native Americans at some points, northerners at other points, and even our own government.  Annabeth Gish plays Euphemia with a lot of heart and, while this is Angelina Jolie’s best role (see “Girl, Interrupted” if you want to know what she really can do), she does a good job of portraying the bratty and mature sides of Georgia.  The downfall of this movie is its final few scenes.  I know that the filmmakers can’t exactly change the ending of the book, but there are a few overly-cheesy, not-believable moments that take away from the realism that makes this miniseries so good.  “True Women” exceeded my expectations.  It has amazing acting, a very poignant story, and several moments that will make you sit back and say “Wow, THAT is a true woman.”

[Pictured: Dana Delany, definitely the highlight of this film]

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