Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nightcrawler - 10 stars out of 10

Nightcrawler - 10 stars out of 10

“Nightcrawler” is one of the best films of 2014.  So many films (even many of the great ones) take an old concept and try to improve upon it but, once in a while, a movie manages to be so entirely unique that it feels like a new experience.  The late-night underworld of Los Angeles has been the backdrop of many films but never through this sort of lens.  The story develops around Lou, a thief who develops the hobby of videotaping car accidents and criminal activity, then selling his footage to the highest bidding news station.  He operates without guilt or emotion, and yet his way of speaking is so straightforward and logical that the line between good guy and bad guy is completely blurred.  No words can actually describe him.  He’s entirely odd but entirely entertaining.  I would even venture to say that this character has revived Jake Gyllenhaal’s career.  He plays “Lou” to perfection, from the calm speech pattern to his unwavering expression that cannot be considered a smile nor a frown.  The screenplay is inspired, gripping from start to finish and reaching a climax in the news station editing sequence is so unexpectedly intense.  “Nightcrawler” is a definite Oscar snub. There are so many great things about it and it deserves more notoriety than a Best Original Screenplay nomination.  In a less competitive year for Best Actor, Gyllenhaal definitely would have been nominated.  Even in this year’s race, I would've chosen him over Cumberbatch and Carell.  This movie was so entertaining that I could probably watch it again right now and not be tired of it. The film doesn't need a big twist. The characters and concept are so interesting that it is a joy to watch the story develop.  If you skipped “Nightcrawler” in lieu of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture, you are absolutely missing out.

[Pictured: The situations presented in this story are incredible]

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