Friday, February 20, 2015

The Boxtrolls - 5 stars out of 10

The Boxtrolls - 5 stars out of 10

“The Boxtrolls” was pretty much what I expected.  While it was a few steps above “ParaNorman” and the animation was very interesting, it just can’t compare with Tim Burton’s innovative stories.  I have the utmost respect for the stop-motion art form.  I believe that it is important for films like this one to be nominated for Best Animated Feature in order to legitimize the art form, but it simply cannot compete with the visual beauty of “How to Train Your Dragon 2” or the inventive storyline of “Big Hero 6.”  The Boxtroll characters themselves are pretty unique, but the whole “creatures from another world invading the human world” concept seems to have become a part of every one of these films (Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, ParaNorman, Coraline…)  I did appreciate that the writers kept the dialogue family-friendly and even threw in a few decent jokes.  The film was worth watching just for the Curds Way pun.  The best part of the film was actually the post-credits scene (no spoiler here) in which they use time-lapse photography to show the complexity of shooting a simple scene.  If you see this film, make sure that you don’t miss it!  The voice acting is nothing special, with the exception of Ben Kingsley whose villainous voice drives the entire film.  I definitely wouldn’t give “The Boxtrolls” an Oscar, but I could actually see myself pulling this one out to show my children someday.

[Pictured: Don't miss the post-credits scene.  It's eye-opening and really cool!]

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