Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Walt Disney World Vacation Planner (1993) - 9 stars out of 10

The Walt Disney World Vacation Planner (1993) - 9 stars out of 10

For a truly nostalgic look at retro Disney World, the 45-minute long vacation planner from 1993 perfectly preserves the original purpose of each park.  I enjoyed watching this because it was shot in the year when I first visited Disney World (1992) so the entire thing literally captures my first Disney memories, but more important is the exploration of EPCOT Center and MGM Studios in their original forms.  While Disney successfully adapts to meet public demand, the ideals of these two parks have been lost throughout the years.  How much fun would it be to visit Epcot if every ride still utilized the cutting edge of technology and displayed the possibilities of the future?  It seems as if the future has caught up with Future World and the attractions show an outdated vision of the present.  Also, it is amazing to see how MGM Studios used to transport people into I Love Lucy with “Superstar Television” and demonstrate the process of creating sound fx with “The Monster Sound Show.”  Even the concept of showing the movie-making process has been diminished by the progressive demise of the Studio Backlot Tour.  This park’s theme has shifted from the making of movies to a celebration of our favorite movies (plus assorted thrill rides), but this is a great reminder of how these parks started.  The Magic Kingdom continues to operate in perfection (with the exception of "Stitch's Great Escape"), but I please with Disney to bring back Spectromagic.  I got choked up just hearing a few seconds of that trumpet fanfare.  This video was also made during the influx of new Disney resorts and gives us a chance to see Dixie Landings before it became Port Orleans Riverside, The Disney Village before it became Saratoga Springs, and The Disney Inn before it became Shades of Green.  I wish that each resort was explored in more detail, but that’s because I am a Disney nerd and not your average 1993 adult looking to plan a Disney vacation.  Whether you’ve visited Disney World one time or a complete Disney addict, “The Walt Disney World Vacation Planner” from 1993 is sure to make you want to go back!

[Pictured: I wish that we still got to see these characters on the rides!]

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