Thursday, June 11, 2015

Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video (2000) - 6 stars out of 10

Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video (2000) - 6 stars out of 10

This look at Disney World isn’t as retro as videos from the 70’s and 90’s, but it’s fun because we get to see the “new wave” of Disney rides when they were new.  The Tower of Terror and Test Track have become Disney staples for many of us, but do you remember how it felt when you first heard of this ground-breaking ride and couldn’t believe it to be true?  This video is full of these moments, especially Reflections of Earth at Epcot.  One of the main focuses of this vacation planning guide is the Millennium Celebration.  It builds up the enormity of the new fireworks show and it is no surprise that it has played every night since the turn of the millennium.  Another “new feature” of the resort was the Animal Kingdom.  The shows have changed and things have been moved around (oh yeah, and Expedition Everest didn’t exist!!!) and the original design of the park is preserved here.  I do wish that they would focus a little more attention on each ride and resort, but this video was made during the beginning of the internet age where people were informed about the park before even receiving this video.  It definitely isn’t as fun as true retro Disney videos but this Millennium Edition of the “Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video” opens up an opportunity to relive the excitement as these classic attractions were first introduced.

[Pictured: This video preserves the once-in-a-lifetime celebration]

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