Friday, July 3, 2015

Nova: Meteor Strike - 8 stars out of 10

Nova: Meteor Strike - 8 stars out of 10

What is the difference between an asteroid, a meteor, and a meteorite?  This fascinating documentary will expand your knowledge of these giant rocks floating in space and the destructive powers they possess under the right circumstances.  In 2013, Russia was struck by the largest meteor since 1908.  This event was an enormous learning opportunity for the science community as the meteor was caught on video from many different angles.  The footage itself is stunning, but it is even more amazing once this event is put into a scientific context.  The destruction caused by the shockwave was brutal and we can only imagine the catastrophe that would have resulted had the meteor remained intact when it impacted Earth.  Even if you are not a science geek, you will get a lot out of this film because the 2013 event made it realistic.  I love the explanation of how the sound waves reverberated around the earth for an entire day after this impact.  “Meteor Strike” documentary plays out like a great disaster film, only we are now the ones at risk of being struck by a meteor.  Scientists did not see the meteor coming and who knows when our planet will spin into the trajectory of a meteor again.

[Pictured: The meteor flies over Russia - It's crazy that this was captured on film!]

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