Sunday, August 30, 2015

Electrick Children - 1 star out of 10

Electrick Children - 1 star out of 10

The only reason that I watched “Electrick Children” is because it expires from Netflix in two days, but I wish that I had invested my time in something more worthwhile.  While the synopsis sounded interesting, the film was the opposite.  It was bland, boring, and the only way for the writers to connect the dots of this disjointed plot was through farfetched coincidences.  It all just seemed far too convenient.  Then again, what do you expect from a film that focuses around extremist fundamental Mormons whose daughter seemingly becomes pregnant through an immaculate conception which sends her on a journey to Las Vegas where she randomly stumbles upon her illegitimate father.  Spoiler: You never even find out how she got pregnant. What a waste of time.  They even tease you like they aren't going to reveal, then they are, and then they don't.  It's almost as if they accidentally deleted every other page of the script and the result is a half of a story.  In the end, the only thing that this film manages to do is paint Christians as members of a frightening cult and makes you suffer through awkwardly-written dialogue in the process.  The acting certainly doesn’t help the poor script or the characters that we don't care about.  I don’t know what “Electrick Children” was aiming to be (or what the critics saw in it), but it is simply an all-around bad movie.

[Pictured: This film suffers from a complete lack of direction and continuity... but there are plenty of creepy voice overs]

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