Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blue Streak - 3 stars out of 10

Blue Streak - 3 stars out of 10

Before you get your hopes up that “Blue Streak” might be a movie about a classic wooden rollercoaster, let me clarify that it is not.  It is a buddy cop comedy starring Martin Lawrence.  So… absolutely nothing like a classic rollercoaster.  The plot is actually rather clever as it forces a jewel thief to infiltrate a police station in order to recover a hidden diamond that he stashed in the ventilation shaft while the building was under construction.  The execution of this clever plot is exactly what you’d expect from a Martin Lawrence comedy.  It isn’t worthy of any awards but it delivers a few laughs when you need them.  The chemistry between Lawrence and Luke Wilson is unique since they are partners and enemies at the same time (without Wilson being aware).  The rest of the cast doesn’t offer much, particularly Dave Chappelle.  While his character necessitates an annoying performance, I found myself distracted during his scenes because I could not wait for him to go away.  My biggest disappointment with the film is that none of the characters have a transformation.  The resolution of the story is a bit of a stretch but gets the job done while the action makes up for the shortcomings in the film’s script.  “Blue Streak” is good for a few laughs but I’d recommend rewatching an early 90’s Adam Sandler comedy if you’re looking for mindless entertainment.

[Pictured: It seems like Lawrence makes this same face for 90% of this film]

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