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Disclaimer: These are the films that I personally believe should win in each category, not my prediction of who I believe The Academy will choose.  Also, I did not see Song of the Sea, The Tale of Princess Kaguya, or Two Days, One Night.

Picture – Boyhood  (2nd Pick: The Theory of Everything, though Birdman will win if Boyhood does not)
Actor – Eddie Redmayne  (2nd Pick: Michael Keaton)
Actress – Julianne Moore  (2nd Pick: Rosamund Pike)
Supporting Actor – J.K. Simmons  (2nd Pick: Edward Norton)
Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette  (2nd Pick: Emma Stone)  (Tough to leave off Meryl Streep)
Directing – Richard Linklater (Boyhood)  (2nd Pick: Alejandro G. Iñárritu (Birdman))
Film Editing – Whiplash  (2nd Pick: Boyhood)  (tough to leave off American Sniper)
Cinematography – Birdman  (2nd Pick: The Grand Budapest Hotel)
Production Design – The Grand Budapest Hotel  (2nd Pick: Into the Woods)
Writing (Adapted Screenplay) – Whiplash  (2nd Pick: The Theory of Everything)
Writing (Original Screenplay) – Nightcrawler  (2nd Pick: Boyhood)
Animated Feature - Big Hero 6  (2nd Pick: How to Train Your Dragon 2)
Foreign Language – Ida  (2nd Pick: Leviathan)
Short Film (Animated) – Feast
Music (Original Score) – Interstellar  (2nd Pick: The Theory of Everything)
Music (Original Song) – I’m Not Gonna Miss You (from Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me)  (but 2nd Pick: Glory (from Selma) will win)  (It’s a shame that Lost Stars was the song nominated from Begin Again, there were many superior songs in that movie that could've won this category)
Costume Design – Inherent Vice (but The Grand Budapest Hotel will win)  (2nd Pick: Into the Woods)
Makeup and Hairstyling – The Grand Budapest Hotel  (2nd Pick: Guardians of the Galaxy)
Visual Effects – Interstellar  (2nd Pick: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)
Sound Editing – Interstellar  (2nd Pick: American Sniper)
Sound Mixing – Whiplash  (2nd Pick: Interstellar)

Movie Reviews for 2015 Oscar Nominees

American Sniper -
Begin Again -
Big Hero 6 -
Birdman -
The Boxtrolls -
Boyhood -
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes -
Feast -
Foxcatcher -
Gone Girl -
The Grand Budapest Hotel -
Guardians of the Galaxy -
How To Train Your Dragon 2 -
Ida -
The Imitation Game -
Inherent Vice -
Interstellar -
Into the Woods -
The Judge -
The Lego Movie -
Leviathan -
Maleficent -
Mr. Turner -
Nightcrawler -
Selma -
Still Alice -
The Theory of Everything -
Unbroken -
Virunga -
Whiplash -
Wild -
X-Men: Days of Future Past -

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